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Gunther is a German computer consultant. He's been living in the UK for many years and runs his own IT consultancy there.

He's been visiting comedy nights on to explore differences between the British and Germans, and to help him relate to 'normal' people.

Admittedly IT workers often have a reputation for being boring nerds. Some might think that being German doesn't help matters. But Gunther (and his wife Joanna) have got some interesting hobbies...

"You'll find him funny instantly, funny throughout and you'll still be laughing long afterwords. Gunther is a memorable character act." - Russell Bland, Frozen Smile Comedy

"glorious Paul Foot-esque alternative comedy" - gigglebeats

Please note that Judgement Dave's characters stage shows are kept different to the 'off-stage' videos - the character is the same, but you can watch this vid and still enjoy the live show!

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