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Do you write books?

I'm glad you asked!

I'm busy writing right now - yes now as you read this text! - and I've already got one book available now (both for Kindle and paperback) from Amazon.

Book COver of You Decide! THe future of Scotland

You Decide! The Future of Scotland

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Not interested in the Scottish Referendum or politics?
Then this could be the book for you.

It's the most fun book tenuously linked to the Scottish Referendum that in reality has little to do with it (both the indyref and reality) and is as (ir)relevant now as it will be in 10 years time.

18th September 2014: Most adults in Scotland vote for or against independence. But what if you don't qualify to vote? What if you can't vote? What if you just can't be arsed to vote?

Well now you too can decide the future of Scotland in YOU DECIDE! The Future of Scotland.

Will you help Scotland to international sporting glory? Will a Scot be the first man on Mars? Will Mel Gibson paint half his face blue and lead the country? Or will you die of a freak accident on the the way to the polling station? Will you invade England?


A book set around the Scottish Referendum but having very, very little to do with actual politics or the indyref. It's got far more to do with time travel, pandas and really, really hot sex.

You Decide! books bring the choose-your-own-stories to an older audience with sometimes surreal, sometimes dark, sometimes puerile adventures where You Decide! what happens.

Warning: contains some swearing, quantum theory, time travel, breaks in the 4th wall, pandas, dinosaurs and really really hot sex.

ISBN: 978-0-9930125-0-1 (for Kindle - Buy now from Amazon)
ISBN: 978-0-9930125-1-8 (paperback - Buy now from Amazon)